Touch Rage Milanese Band For Apple Watch Gaining Popularity In Just Two Short Months

Touch Rage Milanese Band For Apple Watch Gaining Popularity In Just Two Short Months

Their Watch Band Can Be Found Popping Up All Over The Internet, and Touch Rage Reports Positive Feedback Coming In.

March 1, 2016 - Palmdale, California -- The Touch Rage Milanese Magnetic Mesh Loop Watch Band for Apple Watch, has been on the market for less than two months, yet its popularity can be seen rapidly spreading across the Internet. Doing a search, one can find numerous sites now featuring their Milanese mesh loop watch band, people pinning it, tweeting about it, and sharing it on the various social networking sites. 

The Milanese Magnetic Loop Watch Band was crafted to allow everyone to match their Apple watch with their own personal sense of style. This premium quality product manufactured for Touch Rage is designed to ensure that the watch is secured properly around the wrist and is perfectly comfortable to wear. Sold with a 1 year warranty and lifetime friendly customer service, the stainless steel band for the Apple Watch is made to last. 

One pleased customer really liked the sleek design and found the band very comfortable to wear. Furthermore, she was amazed at how effortless it was to put this band on her watch compared to the difficulty of "old watch bands ... where you had to manipulate two straps together with a couple fingers, and then use another finger to move the catch into place through a tiny hole!"

The owner's favorite response was the story of a woman's husband trying on her watch with the new band and being so impressed with how it adjusted to his arm movements without becoming too loose that he took the watch band into the bedroom to see if he could adapt the band to fit his "old school" watch. 

One Amazon review states, "I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable option that looks just as great as the more expensive Apple version - and it comes in black!!"

The Touch Rage website has a list of frequently asked questions with answers as well as The Wall, where customers can share pictures of themselves using the products.

About Touch Rage

Launched in 2005, Touch Rage, Inc. is a leader in cellphone, smart devices and tablet accessories. They design innovative products that improve mobile device function to make daily life easier for customers.

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